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Beverly Martens

Chickens are raised for slaughter in many cases, but in this case they should have proved that they were used for illegal purposes, and if not they should at least re-imburse the chicken owners.

Horses are not on the menu in this country. On the other hand,the wild horse population can be controlled by requiring that any wild horses caught simply be neutered.

Adrian Vance

And you thought the Gestapo was gone...

"Two Minute Conservative," http://adrianvance.blogspot.com

Vance E. GIlbraith

Heres your sign Beverly!! Handled a lot of wild horses to neuter em have ye? I'll loan you my jackknife and you can get at it!


He's a DEMOCRAT ...

Can you say 'two-faced'? He's a Democrat...


sounds like King is perfect for the WH. He didn't know anything about it.


Typical hypocrite Democrat ... Do as I say, not as I do.


If one knows the history of Gallus spp (poultry), it is their nature to kill to the death any roosters that get near their hens. The ancient rooster was fierce, and protected his hens with his life. As I have an organic poultry farm, I had to purchase some of these ancient game birds to keep my other poultry from being killed by eagles, hawks, and owls. It is only these game birds that will put themselves in front of a predator and fight to keep their hens alive. The domesticated roosters are girly boys that just bully their way to the dinner table and run away from any advisary. It is these ancient roosters that saved my business and flock. I do NOT fight the birds, but who cares, if people do. It is the nature of the rooster. It is not like dog fighting, dogs need to be beaten to learn to be fighters. Roosters fight naturally, no training involved. The only people against rooster fighting are people that live in cities that know nothing about reality or farm life in general. And as far as steroid injecting into poultry, it is the hallmark of those million bird farms, they are all fed and injected hormones for 45 day growth to put on the dinner table for those people that believe that poultry comes in yellow strafoam plates with plastic wrap over them. If they want to stop steroids, then go to the million bird farms, not some small timer that raises ancient line and pure line poultry


Heather you are the epitome of a bleeding heart. Try and catch a wild horse and castrate it if you want to get killed. The regular practice for castration is while the horse is standing... Why don't you try while you get kicked into the next county.


This issue involves much more than wild horses. It involves all horses. As horses get old their teeth wear out and they eventually starve to death. When owners could send old or sick horses to the slaughter house they had value. Now they don't. Owners are faced with keeping the horses till they die.

Unfortunately, faced with this cost many owners just release the horses who then starve to death. Even owners who keep the horses are faced with watching the horses starve to death or die of some other unpleasant age related disease.

The people who cry about cruelty to horses ignore the whole picture or are simply not aware of it.

Horse processing plants are good for the general horse population because they give the animals value even in old age and provide a humane way for them to die rather than starving to death in old age. The plants are also good for the economy by providing jobs.

The alternatives are processing plants that provide jobs and humane disposal of old horses, or thousands of starving horses roaming most western states who will die very unpleasant deaths.


Beverly's naivete brings to mind the story of a meeting of Wyoming ranchers and the general public called to address the problem of coyotes killing sheep. A Woman like Beverly stood up to propose neutering of coyotes as a measure to control their population. A Grizzled old rancher stood up and replied "Ma'am I think you fail to understand our problem. These coyotes are killin' our sheep, not f*ckin' them!"

It took several minutes to restore order in the meeting.


Commercial horse slaughter is anything BUT humane!


Yes, it's much more humane to put the horses on railcars or in semi-truck trailers and hauling them hundreds of miles to Mexico where they can be slaughtered legally.

Cahal the Mad

Just like PETA. They talk a big game about how they "love" and "protect" animals while they slaughter dozens of helpless dogs and cats every week because they weren't "adopted soon enough". I love how they stroll around in leather garments, shoes, purses, wallets, etc. too. Apparently, being a raging hypocrite as well as a pathological liar with no anchors to reality, is a requirement for being a liberal.


Animal rights groups conducting raids - and killing the animals they "rescue" - has got to stop. Law enforcment personnel need to be trained in animal cruelty issues as a required part of their police training. Animal groups should focus on urging them to enforce the laws, just as women's advocates urged police to take domestic violence seriously.

Any animal cruelty task force should be made up entirely of professionals, NOT animal rights groups. The ASPCA and the Massachusetts SPCA have very recently shuttered their law enforcement departments and made an agreement with the NYPD (and the Mass Police Dept) so that they respond to animal abuse complaints and conduct investigations. The ASPCA and MSPCA and shelters with cruelty investigators can play a valuable role - but not the lead role.

I don't know if Ferguson is affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States, but the New Mexico Animal Protection groups definitely is. HSUS is currently being sued for $5 million for conducting an illegal raid and seizure of 172 dogs, and then dumping them on a South Dakota rescue with no financial support. Many of the dogs got sick and died. Soon after, a judge tossed out the case because the SWAT team style seizure violated the law. In 2009, HSUS's entire Animal Rescue team resigned because of the team leader's protocol that had the team members acting under color of law. That unqualified individual, Scotlund Haisley, who is named in the $5 million lawsuit, used to go bar hopping and boasted that when he wears the HSUS tee-shirt, he gets better lap dances at strip clubs. The HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, defended him and boasted of his "cowboy ways." Pacelle actually invited Georgina Bloomberg, the mayor's daughter, and heiress, Amanda Hearst, to join the HSUS on puppy mill raids.

Not every animal group is as sick as the HSUS, but...Cruelty is a CRIME, not a marketing tool, and not a vehicle for generating big donations from well-meaning but clueless socialites. There are countless animal lovers that want to make a dent in animal cruelty, and want to stop the fake animal loving cowboys from confronting it, muscleman style, exacerbating the problem.


@Jay...Just a thought on horse slaughter. Just so you are aware, you do not have to watch your old horse with bad teeth stave to death. You have choices, such as humane euthinazia, or a a well placed bullet. We dont have to profit off our pets. Did you take your old dog to a slaughter plant? Horses are pets here in the US, not food. Its not always about the money. criminy.

Jeff Rice

Jay, I love your post. To the point and factual.


Wevole, I hate to break it to you but horses are livestock not pets. When HSUS lobbied congress to eliminate horse slaughtering in the US, funny how a non-profit lobbies, their is a direct correlation to the number of horses who have suffered since. It's a sad reality but the horse population exploded because too many horses not enough homes, I have 17 in my barn right now and as many as 30 a few years ago. They are not pets!

They eat horses in Europe and not to long ago in the US. My wife's grandmother told us about the lines that use to form in Milwaukee WI on a certain day of the week because they were selling horse meat. I do not have a problem with a well placed bullet and someone filling their freezer but the problem is our individual liberty has been eroded because someone else doesn't like it. I didn't like cow tounge but never told my grandmother not to eat it.

Daniel L Varner

Horses are livestock. There is no reason not to treat them as other livestock. Rather than deal with disposal of a dead animal carcass, why not humanely kill and put the meat, bone, hide, hair and hoofs to use.

This country has totally lost it connection to reality. Virtually no one was raised on a farm or ranch. I was we had horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and rabbits. All were well cared for and all but the horses eaten. In those day is was legal to slaugher horses and their carcasses to be processed. It is criminal to deny ranchers or other horse owners the ability to transport old horses to a legal slaughter house nearby for humane disposal. What are you supposed to do with 500 - 1500 lbs of dead animal? Bury it, ah no that could pollute the ground water. Burn it, no that would pollute the air and release green house gases and not smell terribly good.

So what remains is selling the animal to those who transport them to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. The cruelty of transporting without food or water is lost on those who lobbied for horse protection laws.

This is the same animal lover mentality that decries hunting and recommends getting your meat at the local market where no animals are harmed.

Perhaps those opposed to slaughtering horses and advocate euthanasia need to experience loading an old sick animal on to a trailer, taking it to the vet to be put down, dragging the dead animal back on the trailer, taken back to the ranch. Fighting to get all the permits to bury the horse, then grab a shovel and dig an eight foot deep, three foot wide and eight foot hole to bury the horse.

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