Talent hunts quality, not just quantity

We can never think of an effort without compensation. Same applies for recent move in education sector in India. Government is in high gear of transforming high-end education system. A good number of new universities and colleges for higher studies are planned to open up in coming years. However, few questions would perhaps arise in your mind on this initiative.

  • How far all such foundations would help students to get profound job options?
  • Do our existing AICTE or UGC recognized or affiliated colleges or central organized universities have sufficient supportive system for students?
  • Whether infrastructure, technical arrangements and research environment is conducive to large section of post graduate aspirants?
  • How could students relate their learning expertise to the current module of job anticipated after successful course completion?
  • Can central and state government provide sufficient funding for R&D?
  • How sponsors could be arranged or scholarships could be provided to sustain financial help for the students?

Real view

Without definite resolution of all such issues, will it be an expert idea to expand with no vivid picture in view? Educational excellence depends on quality not quantity if resource and application area is not grounded well. What about the passed out students from so-called recognized and eminent institutes? How can someone describe his long tenure spent in the college laboratory with no hope of future projects in hand just to resume PhD program? For example, hardly 3-5% Postgraduate students in Calcutta University get qualified in GATE, NET and SLET etc. all such entrance exam for post-doctoral research program across India. Students having strong English background and financial health do apply for GRE, TOEFL etc for research program abroad. However, the number is just a fraction of total candidates applying these exams. If dare to think of general category students you have to see the worst situation. Students with first class marks are attempting school level or any other government jobs year after year. With no hope of job, certainty they end up joining a private firm, small consultancy based sales job or private tutoring jobs. Exactly this typical pattern of our education system is conferring unemployment, which pounces on graduate and postgraduate students from Arts, Commerce as well as few science streams. Truly, they are entangled with middle class mentality with high education but low paying uncomfortable job.

Need analysis

In a way what would be the objective of creating such underused institutes? Is it good enough to develop future concerns and problem with another pool of investment? Higher education with no research infrastructure, long term projects, industry affiliation and funding options does not mean anything finally. You can’t just train players in a football ground for games if there is no audience or supporters in the gallery. This is a simple chain reaction that controls demand supply ratio.

Need of the hour

  • Enough financial assistance for PG level students
  • Improving laboratory infrastructure and providing conducive ambience of research works
  • Collaborating with foreign companies for sufficient project works and real time work experience
  • Industry favoring course structure and practical classes of global standard
  • Remodeling assignments and lectures given by professors and part time teachers
  • Less inclusion of political interference and union dominancy
  • Holding career orientation program and nourishing entrepreneurship activities

Once the current structure is supportive and cohesive, the next level thought of increasing universities and colleges would be a rational idea. Rather autonomous colleges with good performance record could be transformed into autonomous universities. Those self dependent universities can bring up quality teaching and results into scholars of future. A high regulatory body should be appointed to monitor the improvement in regular scale. India is endowed with best talents in the World that get dispersed in developed countries mostly. The effective contribution towards nation therefore gets thrashed and it has been continuing for long years in the same fashion. India is still waiting for the good news i.e. ability to utilize its prime resource, human capital in country’s development and economy.